Dynamic Computing Configurator

Plan and calculate your own virtual data centre. You specify the scope of the individual components and a summary will be generated immediately of the costs these will incur.

The prices calculated by this Cloud Configurator are guide prices and not binding. Binding prices depend on the options selected as well as your choice of basic price plan, which cannot be fully depicted in the Cloud Configurator. We would be happy to draw up an individual offer tailored to your needs.

Specify the number of servers required.


Average configuration per server

Select your operating system.

Average number of vCPUs per server.


Average amount of RAM per server.


Average storage space (GB) per server (without backup).


Guide price

Number of servers (virtual machines) -
Operating system - -
Virtual vCPUs (full speed) - -
Virtual RAM (GB) - -
Virtual Storage (GB) - -

Total monthly costs

starting at

Cost per server (virtual machine) starting at

The DCS full speed vCPU delivers 2.3 GHz, only the official DCS price list is binding, all prices in CHF exclude VAT for purchases of 30 days, effective hourly billing - specifications and exceptions can be found on the DCS price list.